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This website uses 18.6 litres of water and 1.24 kg of carbon per 1’000 visitors.

The eco-design of this website allows us to save 51% on water consumption and carbon emissions compared to a traditional website.

Your daily choices are part of the solution (or the problem). SHIFT today!

Our mission

Our mission is to support organisations in creating a more sustainable, healthy, and thriving society.
We aspire to be architects of a better tomorrow, design better solutions for companies, people, and ecosystems, empower young talents into action, and innovate in ways that make business sense.

  • Solution Provision
  • Life Cycle Assessment

“As a new sport and a business committed to a more sustainable future and the electrification of water mobility, it was a pleasure to work with a team of equally passionate and talented people. Their expertise in the marine industry is unrivalled, and their ability to unlock their network within days to support us on a quick turnaround project was impressive.”

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Communication

“Through a hands-on approach, the SHIFT very quickly understood EPCR’s daily challenges and created a credible and pragmatic strategy that is helping us grow our business.”

  • ISO 20121 Certification
  • Carbon Measurement

“Working with The SHIFT on both ISO 20121 certification and the carbon footprint calculation allowed us to manage sustainability in such a way that it improved nearly every aspect of the event.”

  • Implementation Support
  • Carbon Footprint

“The SHIFT’s investment and collaboration during the preparations for the arrival of the Tour de France in Lausanne enabled us to provide answers to the many environmental questions. Furthermore, we appreciated the collaboration established throughout the preparations as well as the complete and professional report that followed. The interest that your work has sparked within the UCI and the Tour de France is proof of your excellent commitment.”

  • Market Study
  • Stakeholder Workshops

“A dynamic, multidisciplinary, and organised team.”

  • Strategy Development

“The SHIFT guided the UTMB Group in building an ambitious regenerative strategy. We have a clearer vision now of the future of trail running and we are confident in taking on this ultra-regeneration trail!”

  • Urban Development

“This SHIFT collaborated with InspoweredBy to develop SPARK – an urban and social laboratory that aims to (re)connect young people with the benefits and fun of regular physical activity and sport, bringing some young people out of isolation and (re)creating links, particularly between generations.”

  • E-Learning Course

“Sports organisations, fans, and those working in sport, and in particular athletes, have an enormous potential to accelerate a systemic change of society to foster and encourage inclusion, healthy lifestyle, climate action, and collaboration. This course was designed to help industry leaders get started with their own sustainable sports action plan.”

  • Sustainability & Innovation

“Thanks to The SHIFT, our students are able to discover many of the changes taking place on the planet of sport and, above all, are transformed into players in the world to come.”

Our solutions

  • Explore
  • Advise
  • Implement
  • insPower
Question the given, explore new territories
• Disruptive / Design Thinking workshops
• Materiality assessment and industry benchmarking
• Diagnostic and explorative stakeholder analysis
• B Corp Impact assessment
Unleash the best in every partner/client
• Sustainability maturity scan
• Carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment
• Sustainability strategy development
• Sponsor and partnership programmes
Connect the dots and make it happen
• Secondment, operational support
• Community/stakeholder engagement
• International standards/Certification (ISO, B Corp, GRI)
• Training, innovation and education
Equip to maximise impact
• Communications and partnership planning
• Youth / Athlete ambassador programme
• Creative content production
• Legacy and impact planning

Our impact

32 countries Operational experience in more than 30 countries around the world
10 books Books and other publications on Olympic Games, sustainability, and legacy
11 awards Winner of 11 awards on sustainability, innovation, social impact and governance
15 Olympic Games Operational experience at all 15 Olympic Games since 2000
4 Olympians Participated in 4 different Olympic Games
20 Pro-bono work 20% pro-bono work with associations and young change-makers
465200 People Number of people influenced in Switzerland in 2022
It’s not a revolution IT’S A SHIFT

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