Providing measurable and scalable solutions to drive leadership and positive change.




The SHIFT is about changing direction, making a new start with a unique vision, an innovative systemic approach to integrate positive change in your organization.


We are a group of committed experts and creative sparring partners who have worked with the world's largest sports events as well as the corporate and non-profit industry. 

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable, healthy and thriving society that integrates planetary boundaries and social justice in an exciting and innovative manner.

We draw our inspiration from the world of sport, its universal values, adrenaline and emotion.

The SHIFT provides measurable and scalable solutions to drive leadership and positive change.  We focus on impact. We thrive in doing business as unusual.

Through our 360 degree integrated and innovative business approach, we maximize the contribution of companies, projects and leaders to people, planet and prosperity.




EXPLORE: Question the given
> explore new territories


  • Disruptive Innovation Lab & business intelligence 

  • Materiality assessment and industry benchmark

  • Diagnostic and integrated stakeholder mapping


ADVISE: Listen to empower > unleash the best of every client


  • Sustainability workshops & maturity scan

  • System Thinking & Human-centred design

  • Carbon Audit & Life Cycle Assessment

  • Impact & sustainability plan

  • Positioning and stakeholder engagement

  • Communications and partnership development

  • Resource and legacy planning


IMPLEMENT: Connect the dots and make it happen > deliver change


  • Project management, change management and mentorship

  • Standards & certification (ISO2012:1/26000, GRI, B Corp)

  • Case study development

  • Community/stakeholder/client events 

  • Monitoring and evaluation




Anne-Cécile TURNER

Chief Strategy Officer

Received 6 industry awards for the sustainability programme of the world's greatest round-the-world sailing race



  • Strategy definition and implementation

  • Marketing and sponsorship

  • Partnerships - establishment and use

  • Change management

  • Water and ocean preservation

  • Applied sustainability.

Anne-Cécile TURNER • LinkedIn

Philippe FURRER

Chief Impact Officer

Worked on 5 editions of the Olympic Games and 4 editions of the Youth Olympic Games



  • Event sustainability and legacy

  • Youth engagement

  • Youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship through sport

  • Urban planning inclusive physical activity and well-being

  • Transfer of knowledge

  • Branding and communication

  • Sustainable finance

  • Sports for development

Philippe FURRER • LinkedIn


Chief Disruption Officer

Led world's biggest events from conception to certification on their sustainability journey



  • Certification (ISO / B Corp)

  • Education & Knowledge Management

  • Monitoring & Reporting (ESG / GRI)

  • UN Global Compact

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Life Cycle Assessment / Carbon

Neil BEECROFT • LinkedIn


Chief Engagement Officer / General Manager

Worked with 50+ different international (sport) organisations across all continents.



  • Interim Change/Project Management

  • Strategy development and implementation

  • Sustainable Sport and Events

  • B Corp Impact Assessment

  • Partnerships & ambassador programmes 

  • Social impact & Sport for Peace and Development

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Education & knowledge management

Geert HENDRIKS • LinkedIn

Photo credit: Silvana Pizzirusso (, migrant from Colombia and project leader within Alterstart, a support structure for migrants in the creation of companies.




Impact Assessment

Benchmark and measure the performance of your organisation in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Receive a quantitative report on your (potential) impact on the community, environment, staff and customers. Understand how to embed "purpose" in your operations and learn to communicate in an engaging but credible manner.

Interim Project/Change Management

Connecting the dots and making it happen. Go beyond innovative ideas and realise the project that will bring the desired change to your organisation.


Workshops &

Think Tanks

Apply the values and language of sport to understand the reality of your business, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions.

We combine our network of award-winning start-ups, top-athletes and renowned academics to organise or chair impactful workshops and Think Tanks.


B Corp Implementation

& Certification


Assess your organisations impact and implement the global B Corp standard to grow your business while positively impacting society.




The decade of action to the UN 2030 Agenda requires commitment, transformation, collaboration, creativity and boldness.

From the corporate world, public administrations, local and global not-for-profit and from every single citizen too. 


We believe times of uncertainty can present windows of opportunities.

We love to advocate for a better, more sustainable and inclusive world, but we excel in designing and delivering concrete solutions that drive change, from within our clients’ companies, through to their stakeholders and to the public at large.


We love to listen. And observe. Only then are we in a position to partner, to guide, to suggest and to empower.


Because we believe only our clients can truly own the solution to their challenges. Our role is to ignite, to plant the relevant seeds at the right time in the right soil… and to identify and nurture the right water spring.

The SHIFT is inspired by this journey and aspires to make a meaningful contribution! 


We draw our inspiration and values from the world of sport. It determines who we are, how we work and why we are unique.


Every challenge has its solution. Sometimes, solutions have already been tested elsewhere and it’s just a matter of tweaking and fine tuning… and other times it has to start from a white page.


In all cases, we believe in a humble, cross-sectoral approach - simply because today’s challenges are too complex to be fixed through a single scientific formula.


We say no to collapsology and prefer to consciously cultivate positivity.

We want to be architects of a better tomorrow, to design better prospects for people and ecosystems and to empower young talents into action. We believe in youth to aspire to a bright future and to contribute to the organization's decision-making process.




Change does not happen in a vacuum. Our Eco-System includes cross-sectoral actors with whom we can accelerate change and co-create value. TODAY!




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