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Hospitality Houses at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Games : Good Practices in the Context of the UN Global Goals

Olympic Games Hospitality Houses

Hospitality Houses have become a phenomenon at the Olympic Games since the Dutch opened their first Holland House during the Barcelona Games in 1992. What started as a gathering place for Olympic athletes and their families, has grown to professionally designed venues that welcome thousands of visitors per day.
The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang still hosted approximately 25 different Hospitality Houses, both from countries as well as sponsors, in prime locations throughout the city.

Access the full publication in the Olympic Library.

Case studies

The primary objective of most Hospitality Houses was to showcase the countries’ culture or sponsors’ products or services. However, Houses are increasingly starting to include additional elements and collaborate with local charities, educate visitors on social issues as equality (e.g. Canada Olympic House), sustainable buildings (e.g. Nations Village) or legacy (e.g. Casa Italia).
A first set of good practices from Rio 2016 Hospitality Houses was published following the 2016 Summer Olympics. This booklet contains the results of an observation of Hospitality Houses at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

Authors visited during the Olympic Games thirteen out of the sixteen (81%) Country Hospitality Houses as well as six other Hospitality Houses. During the Paralympic Games, one additional visit was conducted to the House of the Alps.
The objective of the visits was to identify and document good practices from Hospitality Houses that went beyond showcasing their country or products. A series of initiatives has been documented in this booklet, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework.

Team Korea House

“The main objective of the Team Korea House is to provide support to the Korean delegation and facilitate international sports exchanges, while also allowing the public to have a better understanding of the KSOC, the Korean Delegation, and Korean culture, through their promotion at various booths and events for the public. I believe this has contributed to an overall increase in the public’s interest in and knowledge of sport.”
Hee Kyung Hwang, Director of International Relations Department, Korean Sport & Olympic Committee

Tokyo 2020 Japan House

“We were able to transmit the charm of Tokyo by visiting TOKYO 2020 Japan House to many people all over the world. Also, it was good to have approached a new layer that does not yet know about Tokyo. From the viewpoint of legacy, we would like to continue the experience-type event we used.”
Kosuke Saeki, Senior Manager of Events and Promotions Development Team, Tokyo 2020

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